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The Framework for Opportunity Convergence and the Utilization of Sustainable Solutions


​The FOCUSS Idea Competition provides students a unique opportunity to share and cultivate solutions to "real world" problem statements presented by sponsoring institutions.

2018 Collegiate Partners

Click on the school's logo for more information about their competition.

Alabama State University


North Carolina A&T State University


Prairie View A&M University

UW Madison

University of Wisconsin - Madison

UW Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

UW Whitewater

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

​Our Mission

The Mission of FOCUSS is to assist American ethnic minorities, women, veterans, and members of the LGBT community to discover sustainable solutions that will benefit society.

Our Corporate Partners

Our partners go the extra mile to help sponsor and host the FOCUSS Idea Competition. Along with providing this year's problem statement, they also provide career information at introduction events as well as participate in the judging process of the regional and national competitions. Click on their logo for more information.

Upcoming Events

Check out our calendar page for more details about dates and times for the idea competitions and other upcoming FOCUSS events.


Please contact us you have any questions about the competitions or would like to inquire about future collaborations with FOCUSS.


Please be sure to refer to the rules of the competition to make sure your idea submissions fit the criteria.


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