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Prize amounts for local idea competition and national idea competition.

Local Competition Prizes

As stated in our rules, the winning contestants of the regional competitions (the competitions hosted at their respective schools) will win cash prizes. Although the top 5 finalists will be selected from the online submission pool, prizes will be awarded based on the results of judging the presentations at the live competition the finalists will be invited to. The results of judging at the regional competitions will determine the rank of the 10 finalists (from 1st to 10th place) and prizes will be awarded accordingly:

1st - $1000 USD

2nd - $600 USD

3rd - $400 USD

4th - $200 USD

5th - $100 USD

6th - $75 USD

7th - $50 USD

8th - $40 USD

9th - $30 USD

10th - $25 USD