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What To Prepare

Registration Portal, Submission Criteria, and Presentation Expectations

Online Submission

When you register/submit your idea for the competition at your school, you will be prompt with a form on the registration page where you will enter your idea.

‚ÄčA short essay no more than two paragraphs will suffice. What is more important is to follow the criteria below in order to increase your chances for consideration as a finalist.

- Clarity in stating the idea or solution to resolve the problem. (Are the answers to the submission questions well written?

- Clearly thought out? Complete, yet concise?)

- The innovative or original nature of the idea or solution.

- The extent to which the idea provides a solution to the problem. 

Live Local Competition

During the competition , finalists will be given 10 minutes (8 minutes for their PowerPoint presentation and 2 minutes for questions anyone may have ). Do not be afraid to be creative and make adjustments where you see fit.

Live National Competition

As stated in the rules, finalists will be evaluated in a new round of judging based on an eight- (8) minute PowerPoint presentation to the judges by the individual entrant or team in front of an audience of peers, faculty, entrepreneurs and distinguished guests. These presentations will take place in a program.

(More details to come, information subject to change.)